07 November, 2011

Georgia's Film Guide

Perhaps I am being a bit presumptuous by proclaiming this brand new website as "Georgia's Film Guide." However, I have looked long and hard and haven't found any other single website that focuses solely on Georgia's bustling film industry. And there is a lot to talk about!

Last week, I attended four film screenings at Georgia's most glamorous film festival, the Savannah Film Festival. In just a few more months, both the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival and the Atlanta Film Festival will ramp up. These festivals have maintained incredible growth year after year with tens of thousands of tickets sold at each. Other festivals can be found around the state, such as the Rome International Film Festival and the Macon Film Festival.

A few years ago, Georgia's lawmakers passed tax credit legislation for filmmakers. Up to 30% of production costs can be saved by shooting in Georgia and with such geographic diversity throughout the state, I don't know why studios wouldn't film here! At any moment, Hollywood's biggest names can be spotted all over the state.

There is a lot to keep up with. I will do my best in breaking Georgia film news, sharing my reviews, showcasing Georgia's film festivals and keeping track of Oscar buzz throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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