03 March, 2012

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival: 2012 Audience Prize winners

Documentary Audience Award
winner "Nicky's Family"
The 12th annual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival wrapped up this past Wednesday. With 30,000 attendees, the festival posts its biggest numbers yet. Up an astounding 15% from last year's 26,000 attendees, the AJFF is now only a hair away from being the largest Jewish film festival in the world. The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival boasted 30,000 attendees last year, so if next year's AJFF sees similar growth, we might be looking at a new record holder!

German film "Wunderkinder" took home the Audience Award for Narrative Feature, while "Nicky's Family" won the Documentary Prize. "Not Your Time," the musical starring Jason Alexander and Kathy Najimy, took home the Short Film award.

Narrative Audience Award winner "Wunderkinder"

The AJFF will host a repeat screening for each of these prize winners at the end of the month. I will keep you posted when details are announced. Meanwhile, a few more reviews from festival films are on the way.

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