28 March, 2012

"GROW!" Athens screening

There is a good chance many of you have already seen or heard of this documentary film by Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson, as "GROW!" has already played at the DocuFest Atlanta, the Macon Film Festival, the Rome International Film Festival and the Savannah Film Festival. A true Georgia production, "GROW!" has also screened at several festivals around the world and racked up many awards in the process (including some from Atlanta, Macon and Rome).

"GROW!" will be screening at CINE in Athens on April 4th, a week from today. The filmmakers will be in attendance and this event will serve as the premiere for a new, longer edit of the film. Previously screening at 50 minutes, the filmmakers have upped the film's runtime to a full hour in preparation for future screenings and a DVD release. Seating is limited, so get your ticket today!

I will be posting a review of "GROW!" soon.

Check out the official trailer and synopsis after the jump.

It's not just 'Old MacDonald' on the farm anymore. All across the U.S. there is a growing movement of educated young people who are leaving the cities to take up an agrarian life. Armed with college degrees, some are unable to find jobs in the current economic slump. Fed up with corporate America and it's influence on a broken food system, they aim to fix some of the current system's inequities by growing clean, fair food. Mostly landless, they borrow, rent or manage farmland in order to fulfill their dreams of doing something meaningful with their lives.

Filmed on 12 farms throughout Georgia, "GROW!" takes a look at this new generation of sustainable farmers through the eyes, hearts and minds of 20 idealistic, passionate and fiercely independent young growers.

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