10 September, 2012

2012 Rome International Film Festival in review

The DeSoto Theatre marquee.

I had a great time up in Rome this weekend. Bookended with great films, the 9th Rome International Film Festival (RIFF) was filled to the brim with quality features, docs and shorts. Fourteen different countries were represented and several filmmakers, producers, actors and industry tradesmen were in attendance. Great venues situated among a vibrant downtown scene really gave the fest a cosmopolitan, but cozy vibe. It is easy to see why RIFF has a great reputation, even among the older and larger festivals.

You've already seen the reviews I posted for "American Songwriter" and "Born & Raised." Starting this week, I'll be posting reviews for more features from the fest, including "Lessons in Forgetting," "Out on a Limb," "Hombre y Tierra," "La Source," "The Red Machine" and "Heathens & Thieves." In addition to these features, I'll share brief reviews for over two dozen of the short films I screened.

Keep checking back for more RIFF coverage. I've posted some photos from around town after the jump.

Rome's famed Clock Tower

View from atop Neely Hill.

The DeSoto Theatre, chief venue for the festival.

Christian Cisneros (right) at a Q&A following the screening of his film,
"Hombre y Tierra."

Broad Street near the DeSoto. 

Screening at the Rome Area History Museum.

Audience building before a screening at the DeSoto.

The trolley ready to transport people to the closing night gala. 

Yours truly and Nick Loritsch, writer/star of "Born & Raised."

Catherine Trail, star of "Born & Raised," and myself.

Yours truly, once more, with Joshua Dragge, director of "Born & Raised."

These and a few more photos from the weekend were posted over at our facebook page.


  1. Crazy! I just Facebooked Nick Loritsch about submitting BORN & RAISED to the Macon Film Festival at the request of one of it's stars who attended our 2012 festival. I'll read your review.

  2. I was telling him about the Macon Film Fest while we were talking in Rome! I highly recommend both the festival to the guys at Jerry-Rigged and their film to your festival!