17 February, 2013

2013 Macon Film Festival award winners

Pamela Bowen stars in "Shoot the Moon," a big winner in Macon

There's still one day to go here at the 2013 Macon Film Festival, but Jury Award winners were announced last night. "Shoot the Moon" was the big winner, taking home awards for Best Directing and Best Sound Design as well as the Melvyn Douglas Award for Best in Show. Having been a fan of "Shoot the Moon" since RIFF, I couldn't be happier with its awards haul. "Sal," having also screened at last year's Atlanta Film Festival, took home the Best Narrative Feature prize. Other winners included "Address is Approximate," "Child 31," "A House, A Home," "The Silk" and "The Sweatshop." Filmmakers premiering their films at MaGa were also recognized. Audience Award winners will be announced tonight, as well as awards for Southern Documentary and Music Documentary.

See the full list after the jump.

Best Narrative Feature
  • "Sal"
Best Narrative Short
  • "The Silk"
Best Documentary
  • "Child 31"
Best Student Film
  • "The Sweatshop"
Best Animated Film
  • "Address is Approximate"
Best Music Video
  • "A House, A Home"
Best Directing
  • "Shoot the Moon" - Alexander Gaeta
Best Acting
  • "The Silk"
Best Cinematography
  • "Child 31"
Best Sound Design
  • "Shoot the Moon"
Melvyn Douglas Award for Best in Show
  • "Shoot the Moon"
Best Southern Documentary
  • "Take Me to the Water – The Story of Pin Point"
Best Music Documentary
  • "Basically Frightened: The Musical Madness of Colonel Bruce Hampton"
Audience Award for Best Feature
  • "Miss Dial"
Audience Award for Best Short
  • "Groom’s Cake"
Audience Award for Best Documentary
  • "Death of a Cemetery"
Premiere Awards
  • "Blind Sight"
  • "The Cab-Ride"
  • "Catch Me"
  • "Echoed Eulogies"
  • "How We Got Away With It"
  • "Loading"
  • "Moving"
  • "Miss Dial"
  • "Nick Chopper and the Forty Wolves"
  • "Night on the Lam"
  • "The Suicide Kid"
  • "Pepper"
  • "Utage"
  • "Where are you going, Thomas?"


  1. Thanks for attending the 8th Annual Macon Film Festival and I also appreciate you writing this article.
    -- Terrell.

  2. It's something I look forward to every year! Thanks for being so accommodating, Terrell! You do a GREAT job running the show.