15 March, 2013

Short Take: "The House at the Edge of the Galaxy" - Atlanta Film Festival review

Grayson Sides stars in "The House at the Edge of the Galaxy"

Although feature films garner most of the attention here, I appreciate a well-made short film equally as much. The Atlanta Film Festival always manages to impress audiences with its short film lineup each year and 2013 looks to be no exception. One early standout is Gleb Osatinski's "The House at the Edge of the Galaxy," which will have its world premiere here in Atlanta next week.

Starting off cloaked in an eerie fog, a stylized elegance is instantly evident. Warm sienna tones and faded blues paint the picture through a subtle vignette. While ethereal lighting and a carefully coordinated color palette allow for a specific feel, the real winner here is the smooth dolly camerawork that adds so much to the dreamy atmosphere of the piece. Few short films I see along the festival circuit possess such a crisp and undisturbed cinematography.

Saucer-eyed Grayson Sides puts forth a wonderment to rival the sense of loneliness and unsolved mystery, carrying the film with an independence only found in children who must compensate for circumstances greater than their years call for. But such is the case with "The House at the Edge of the Galaxy." The film is an allegory– a clear picture of how easy it is to get stuck and settle for present circumstances, despite our ability to work hard and do our best to change the things around us.

Osatinski holds the reigns firmly and comfortably, bringing his vision to the screen with a seemingly effortless grace. "The House at the Edge of the Galaxy" screens with "The Mansion" on Friday, March 22rd at 9:30 PM at the 7 Stages Theatre and again on Sunday, March 24th at 2:15 PM at the Plaza Theatre.

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