03 September, 2013

Plenty of filmmakers scheduled to attend 2013 Rome International Film Festival

The marquee at the DeSoto Theatre during last year's festivities.

Now in its tenth year, the Rome International Film Festival has seen plenty of changes in terms of content, media coverage and leadership. Although, the same could be said for any festival that is more than a few years old. One thing is for sure, however, RIFF has always been—and remains—a filmmaker's film festival.

If you attend this weekend (like you should), a great deal of the lanyards you see around Broad Street will belong to filmmakers that will be in town to showcase their film and engage with a new audience. This festival is small enough and far enough away from the glitz and the glamour for the craft to be the sole focus.

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a director, actor, writer or producer after watching their film? Now is your chance! These guys love hearing your thoughts about their hard work and it is a rewarding experience for both parties involved.

Several workshops will also be held with filmmaker Darin Scott, who will be in town with his film "Dark House." From 9:00 AM through 1:00 PM on Saturday, September 7th, Scott will lead workshops in directing, producing and acting. RIFF's annual makeup competition will take place once again this year.

The following filmmakers are currently scheduled to attend. This list is subject to change and there could very well be more talent in town than just those listed here. Check out the schedule and find more information at the Rome International Film Festival website.

Narrative Features:

  • "Choosing Signs" — Owen Dara (Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Editor, Composer)
  • "Dark House" — Darin Scott (Director, Writer) *workshops

Documentary Features:

  • "AKA Blondie" — Jon Watts (Director, Producer), Brantly Watts (Writer, Producer)
  • "Runaway Slave" — Luke Livingston (Producer)

Narrative Shorts:

  • "Buried Beneath" — Brian H. Teague (Director, Writer), Glenn Allen (Writer, Actor), Clay Jones (Cinematographer)
  • "Freeze" — Brian H. Teague (Director, Writer), Glenn Allen (Actor), Clay Jones (Cinematographer)
  • "Illness" — Jonathan Bucari (Director, Writer), Francesca Murdoch (Actor), Julian Murdoch (Actor)
  • "Miracle Boy" — Jason Brown (Producer)
  • "Statue" — Olga Wilhelmine (Producer, Actor, Composer)

Documentary Shorts:

  • "Cardboard Titanics" — Sam Frazier, Jr. (Director, Producer, Editor)
  • "The King of Size" — Peter Dowd (Director, Editor)

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