02 December, 2013

Atlanta Film Festival seeks to bring more filmmakers to town through crowdfunding

As it inches closer to the big 4-0 (the 2014 festival will mark its 38th birthday), the Atlanta Film Festival is simultaneously expanding its reach and refining its brand. This year, a record 3,194 films from 103 countries were submitted to the festival, creating an incredible opportunity for a rich and diverse event next March.

As one of the Southeast's premiere festival events, ATLFF aims to make its mark as a can't-miss-opportunity for filmmakers. While a part of every organization's budget is for filmmaker hospitality—travel expenses, accommodations, food, transportation, etc.—most festivals are simply too large and operating at too small a budget to provide compensation for most filmmakers to attend. Many are able to come and support their film on their own dime, but it is not always a guarantee.

The Atlanta Film Festival hopes to triple the number of filmmakers it can bring into town for the 2014 festival, launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $13,000 to help them do so. The way Kickstarter works, they must raise all of the money, or they don't receive any of the money. Bringing more artists and filmmakers to Atlanta is, of course, a good enough reason to pledge your support, but ATLFF is offering some pretty sweet incentives at a variety of pledge levels.

Please watch the video above and check out the Kickstarter campaign. Your support—even a little—will go a long way towards making the 2014 Atlanta Film Festival an even more incredible event.

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