10 December, 2014

Atlanta Film Festival Needs Help Raising Money to Bring Filmmakers to Atlanta

The Atlanta Film Festival is following-up last year's successful #Artists2ATL Kickstarter campaign with another aimed to bring filmmakers into town during the festival. The campaign video is quick and to-the-point, illustrating the simple message that not having the filmmaker in attendance with their film is detrimental to the festival.

The campaign was launched three weeks ago and currently has seven days left, wrapping up at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, December 17, 2014. As of publishing date, over $8,300 has been committed, leaving them with just over $6,600 to go.

The biggest benefit of contributing to the Atlanta Film Festival's Kickstarter is that you can renew your year-round membership through the campaign. Your pass to the festival is your membership, so by purchasing a Moviehopper Card ($50), Film Pass ($125), Film & Conference Pass ($225) or All Access Pass ($325), you are paying the same amount that you would just before the festival, but you are getting your 2015 membership perks in place NOW and you are contributing to a worthy cause.
"A missing filmmaker is like a missing film."
The Atlanta Film Festival is gearing up to celebrate its 39th year in the spring. With arts-giving notoriously low in the state of Georgia and in the city of Atlanta, it is unfortunate that such a long-running and revered organization is struggling to raise only $15,000 in an effort to bring artists to the city with their films.

Please give and share the campaign with friends, family members and others in the community!

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