24 September, 2015

Introducing the Georgia Film Academy

Jeff Stepakoff will serve as Georgia Film Academy's Executive Director.

It's no secret that Georgia has become one of the country's most sought-after states in which to film. With competitive tax incentives, abundant production resources, and a multitude of filming locations and studios, we have attracted Hollywood blockbusters such as "Ant-Man," "Selma" and the "Hunger Games" series to Georgia. With the creation of the Georgia Film Academy, our camera-ready state seeks to add another attractive component—locally trained production professionals and staff—to our already long list of desirable features.

Through a partnership between the University System of Georgia (USG) and the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), the Georgia Film Academy is poised to support the workforce needs of Georgia's $6 billion film industry. The Film Academy will offer certification programs for employees in needed areas and prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry.

It was announced last month that Jeff Stepakoff will lead the Georgia Film Academy as its founding executive director. Stepakoff, a tenured professor of film and television writing at Kennesaw State University, has many credits to his name. His past work includes well-known television series such as "The Wonder Years," "Major Dad" and "Dawson's Creek." Most recently, he served as an executive producer for the "Chasing Life" series on ABC family. In his new role, Stepakoff will lead the Film Academy's curriculum, programs and special learning experiences for its students.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios rumored location for new GFA.

Although there has not been an official announcement as to the physical location of the Georgia Film Academy (rumors suggest that it will be based at Atlanta's Pinewood Studios), it is sure to be an exciting addition to our booming film industry. It will hopefully add enough production professionals, staff and crew to maintain the workforce development necessary for Georgia to remain a leader in film production. Be sure to check out the Georgia Film Academy's website for future developments.


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  4. Is there a determination yet as to where the Academy will hold classes?