22 November, 2011

Eight films we hope to see at the 2012 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

The lineup for next year's Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is announced December 13th. Here are eight films we hope to see make the cut. Most are Israeli films, but what can we say? Israeli cinema is exceptional and deserves more exposure.

8 - Policeman (Ha-shoter)

"Policeman" looks to be one of the most intriguing movies out of Israel this past year. Winning prizes for cinematography and the screenplay at the Jerusalem Film Festival, the film was also nominated for seven Ophir Awards. A bold story and creative filmmaking make this one to watch. Trailer

7 - My Lovely Sister

Winning two awards out of nine Ophir nominations is still impressive, especially when both awards are for the film's two actresses, Reymond Amsalem and Evelin Hagoel. This movie looks both whimsical and touching and that's enough to get our attention. Trailer

6 - The Day I Saw Your Heart

We haven't even managed to find a trailer with English subtitles for this one, but we still would love to see it. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival regulars will no doubt recognize star Melanie Laurent from films like "Inglourious Basterds," "Paris" and "Beginners" but also from last year's audience-voted Best Narrative Feature award, "The Round-up." This ensemble dramedy about a Jewish family in Paris should be a good fit for a light and sweet slot in the festival's lineup. Trailer

5 - Restoration (Boker Tov Adon Fidelman)

This film is no stranger to the festival circuit, winning prizes at Sundance, Jerusalem and Karlovy Vary. This film was also up for a number of Ophir awards, winning one for Best Music. "Restoration" is a good example of the type of quality films that have abounded in Israel in recent years but could also find a loyal following in the United States with good distribution. Sasson Gabai ("The Band's Visit") and Sarah Adler ("Jellyfish") have us really wanting to see this one. Trailer

4 - Intimate Grammar

"Intimate Grammar" is a film we have been looking forward to for well over a year now. Based on a beloved book, audiences have really connected with the film as well. Following a ten-year-old boy and his family in 1960s Jerusalem, this has all the makings of an AJFF hit. Trailer

3 - Rabies (Kavelet)

"Rabies" is being called Israel's first horror movie and although we don't know if this title holds true or not, it certainly does look to be a unique offering. Already making it's way to festivals across the globe (including Tribeca and Edinburgh), "Rabies" has garnered a cult following. This would be a great addition to the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival; although, maybe they should schedule the screenings late at night. Trailer

2 - In Darkness

We reviewed Agnieszka Holland's beautiful film "In Darkness" out of the Savannah Film Festival. This film is powerful and is a surefire Best Foreign Language Film nominee at the next Oscar ceremony. You can read my review here.

1 - Footnote (Hearat Shulayim)

Our most anticipated film at this year's festival is "Footnote." Not only did the film win nine Ophir Awards (including Best Picture), it won Best Screenplay at Cannes in May. "Footnote" is Israel's official submission for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar contention and director Joseph Cedar's last effort, "Beaufort," earned a nomination back in 2008. One of Israel's biggest movie stars, Lior Ashkenazi, stars with Israeli comedian Shlomo Bar-Aba. We hope to see it listed in the lineup. Trailer

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