24 February, 2013

My Oscar predictions, 2013 (Update: 16/24)

Christopher Denham, Clea DuVall, Kerry Bishé, Rory Cochrane, Ben Affleck,
Tate Donovan and Scoot McNairy star in "Argo"

Here it comes! This year is harder to predict than most years– a good thing. I'm sure I'll have more to say post-ceremony, but for now, here are my predictions.

Update: Well, a record bad year for my predictions, but at least us Oscar watchers were kept on our toes. I don't really feel that "Argo" belongs in the Best Picture cannon, despite being a good film. But plenty of Best Picture winners shouldn't have been Best Picture winners and the world hasn't stopped turning yet. The Sound Editing tie was a beautiful double-surprise. I'm thrilled Jennifer Lawrence has an Oscar, especially for "Silver Linings Playbook," but my heart breaks for Emmanuelle Riva. I'm sure Ms. Riva is just fine, however. Not thrilled with either of the wins for "Django Unchained." Tarantino has done a lot better without being rewarded and Christoph Waltz was likely the fourth best in his category (and second best in his film). I didn't see any of the Documentary Short or Animated Feature nominees (I know, I know), so I'm not surprised I missed those. The win for "Lincoln" in Production Design is a welcomed surprise for what I was certain would go to "Anna Karenina" or "Life of Pi." Seth MacFarlane was an adequate host, but I don't know that he'll be back. I live-tweeted the show and participated in Paste Magazine's liveblog. Check them out for a few laughs.

Best Picture
"Argo" WINNER (alt. "Lincoln")

Best Director
Steven Spielberg, "Lincoln" (alt. Ang Lee, "Life of Pi" WINNER)
Best Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis, "Lincoln" (alt. Bradley Cooper, "Silver Linings Playbook")

Best Actress
Emmanuelle Riva, "Amour" (alt. Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook" WINNER)
Best Supporting Actor
Robert De Niro, "Silver Linings Playbook" (alt. Tommy Lee Jones, "Lincoln") WINNER: Christoph Waltz, "Django Unchained"
Best Supporting Actress
Anne Hathaway, "Les Miserables" (alt. Sally Field, "Lincoln")
Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
Chris Terrio, "Argo" (alt. David O. Russell, "Silver Linings Playbook")

Best Writing (Original Screenplay)
Michael Haneke, "Amour" (alt. Quentin Tarantino, "Django Unchained" WINNER)

Best Production Design
"Anna Karenina" (alt. "Life of Pi") WINNER: "Lincoln"

Best Cinematography
"Life of Pi" (alt. "Skyfall")

Best Costume Design
"Anna Karenina" (alt. "Mirror Mirror")

Best Film Editing
"Argo" (alt. "Zero Dark Thirty")

Best Makeup and Hairstyling
"Les Miserables" (alt. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey")

Best Music (Original Score)
Mychael Danna, "Life of Pi" (alt. John Williams, "Lincoln")

Best Music (Original Song)
"Skyfall" from "Skyfall" (alt. "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" from "Ted")

Best Sound Editing
"Life of Pi" (alt. "Argo") WINNER (TIE):  "Skyfall" & "Zero Dark Thirty"

Best Sound Mixing
"Les Miserables" (alt. "Life of Pi")

Best Visual Effects
"Life of Pi" (alt. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey")

Best Foreign Language Film
"Amour" (alt. "No")

Best Animated Feature Film
"Wreck-It Ralph" (alt. "Brave" WINNER)

Best Short Film (Animated)
"Paperman" (alt. "Head Over Heels")

Best Short Film (Live Action)
"Curfew" (alt. "Buzkashi Boys")

Best Documentary Feature
"Searching for Sugar Man" (alt. "The Gatekeepers")

Best Documentary Short
"Open Heart" (alt. "Mondays at Racine") WINNER: "Inocente"

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