01 February, 2013

Show off YOUR Atlanta in the ATL Short Cuts Film Contest!

The Atlanta Film Festival is right around the corner (next month!) and this year, Creative Loafing is partnering with ATLFF again to put on the ATL Short Cuts Film Contest.

You have two weeks to make a 3-5 minute film that captures the essence of Atlanta in five vignettes (one of which has to be centered around Atlanta's music scene). This is something anyone can do, but only those who display a little creativity will excel! The top 16 will be showcased at the Plaza Theatre on March 4th. An audience pick and a critics' pick will both be selected and each awarded $250 as well as being featured at the ATLFF in March.

Deadline for entries is Friday, February 15 at 5 PM. No exceptions! The fine print is posted after the jump.
Filmmakers: Must be Georgia residents
Subject: Must be identifiable as Atlanta (local neighborhood, business, street sign, etc.)
Length: 3-5 minutes; made up of 5 skits/ sketches/ vignettes, one of which must include something about Atlanta's music scene (or they all can, it's cool).
Rights: Filmmaker must secure music, location or product licensing. Must release rights to use video at CL/ATLFF’s discretion.
Screenings: Finalists will be screened at various Atlanta venues. Winning entries will be screened at the Atlanta Film Festival.
Judging: Weighted judging, 30% audience, 70% judges. Voting to take place for two weeks on CLATL.com.
Restrictions: Incriminating drug use, nudity or firearms use should be avoided. CL and ATLFF reserve the right to disqualify such films.
Format: Entries must be posted via CL’s YouTube account. Once notified, finalist entries must be delivered in QuickTime format within a week of notification.

What are you waiting for?! Once you are ready, submit your film here!

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