02 March, 2014

Macon Film Festival: 2014 Award Winners

Ben Rameaka stars in "The Last of the Great Romantics," winner of the
Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature

This year's Macon Film Festival has been a success on all fronts—great films, great filmmaker interaction and a wider audience than ever before. Jury winners were announced last night, with "The Last of the Great Romantics" taking home the Best Narrative Feature prize and "A Fragile Trust" (also a selection for the 2014 Atlanta Film Festival) taking home the prize for Best Documentary Feature. Other winners include "Humanexus," "Lapsus," "Tu Seras Un Homme" and "When My Sorrow Died."

The festival wraps up today and Audience Award winners will be announced tonight. Check out the complete list of winners after the jump.

Best Animated Film
  • "The Mega Plush" 
Best Music Video
  • "Switzerland"
Best Student Short
  • "Echoes"
Best Acting
  • "Tu Seras Un Homme"
Best Documentary Short
  • "Humanexus"
Best Sound Design
  • "Crossroads"
Best Narrative Short
  • "Lapsus"
Best Cinematography
  • "Morales" - David ValldepĂ©rez
Best Documentary Feature
  • "A Fragile Trust"
Best Editing
  • "Exposures" - Jonathan Gribbin & Zachary Lyons
Best Narrative Feature
  • "The Last of the Great Romantics"
Best Director
  • "Humanexus" - Katy Borner & Ying-Fang Shen
Best Music Documentary
  • "When My Sorrow Died: The Legend of Armen Ra & The Theremin"
Melvyn Douglas Best in Show Award
  • "Tu Seras Un Homme"
Audience Choice Award for Short Film
  • "The Watch"
Audience Choice Award for Documentary
  • "Bittersweet"
Karen Black Audience Choice Award for Narrative Feature
  • "The Space Jockey Pursuit"

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